*~* Rustic Peace & Love Hippy Neutral Baby Shower Invitation


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Designer’s Note

* Retro Rustic Vintage and Grunge ‘s style Peace Sign & Feathers Flowers Tribal Boho Watercolor design. There is a white wood background which gives it a rustic touch. It also has an artistic and creative grunge Peace Sign Symbol with a few Pink Daisy Flowers and Turquoise Blue Feathers designed for this lovely floral and feathers groovy NEUTRAL BABY SHOWER INVITATION * An amazingly unique watercolor grunge cool groovy dream catcher with a peace sign and symbol , three pink daisy flowers and several turquoise blue watercolor feathers will work for either gender. *** IF YOU WOULD LIKE MATCHING ZAZZLE PRODUCTS REACH OUT *** ====== Like my designs? Find them all by typing in the search "anna rosa" or "anna rosa" tote bag or "anna rosa" reiki business cards etc. *You will notice a calming energy when you interact with this beauty.* Enjoy those peaceful energy-enhanced moments during your busy day when you view or are in the vicinity of this design which is also healing energy enhanced. ======== *~* My name is Anna Rosa and I am an internationally known distance remote energy healer channeling both Reiki healing energy and my own energy healing modality Aurora Mistica (R) since . All my designs and products are remotely energetically enhanced with sweet calm healing energy. Enjoy the good vibes 🙂 For more great healing energy vibes visit my remote distance healing sites: Disclaimer: What I do as a distance healer is intended to be a compliment rather than a substitution for medical and psychological services. See a health or psychological professional for your imbalances and complaints.

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